Home Forex trading PLATA FEST EA – Buying and selling Programs – 6 December 2022

PLATA FEST EA – Buying and selling Programs – 6 December 2022


Pure price action is the best and only way to trade. We do not use any indicators since they only show the past.

MT4 Version Here Follow Live Signal |Check Other Products

We only trade the most reliable support and resistance zones which are proven to be valid on multi-timeframe pictures and then find a good candle stick pattern to enter the trade. There is absolutely no BS here! Trade like a pro!

This EA does not use grid or martingale and therefore not dangerous to your account.
Besides, the TP/SL ratio is very high since Plata Fest EA scans for the right setups to place trades.
Another important feature is that it has Stop loss and Take profit for each trade, therefore, the EA will not keep floating losses in hope that the trend will change.
Plata Fest is designed to trade on many symbols but recommended ones are already as default.
The EA is not affected by spread as it is not a scalper. It trades between 10 and 30 trades per week.

 Only 5 copies available for $50. Next price is $89.50

*Symbols that the expert trade best are: NZDCHF_GBPAUD_GBPNZD_GBPCAD_GBPUSD_NZDJPY_USDJPY_CHFJPY. For best results, use MT5 to test multi-currency feature. MT4 does not have this ability when backtesting.  When it comes to the mt4 version, place the EA in each of the  charts when trading. Similarly, run mt4  backtests for each of the listed pairs. 

*The expert should be ran on NZDJPY H1 chart

Timeframe H1
Settings Default settings work great
Brokers Any
Minimum Deposit $100
Recommend Deposit $500
Spread NOT sensitive to spread, slippage
Order Notifications  Telegram


1_lot mode: you can use “fixed lot size” or “auto size”

2_Lot value (percent or fixed): the value of lot base on mode you choose

3 _ preferred currencies: this is the list of symbols you want to trade on(it should be without space and separated by comma)

4_magic number: magic number

5_broker GMT offset: the broker GMT value

6_cutom orders comment: positions comment

7_suffix for symbols: symbol broker suffix

8_ prefix for symbols: symbol broker prefix

9_telegram bot token: telegram bot token so that the trades details will be sent to your bot

10_telegram chat ID: chat id of telegram bot (Check here on how to do it)

11_telegram refresh frequency(in seconds): refresh rate for updating telegram bot

Note: Past profits doesn’t grantee future profits

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