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Why it takes a lot time to develop a buying and selling system? – Buying and selling Programs – 5 December 2022


1. What is a trading system?
– Any strategy which is combined with risk and money management having a SL and TP can be considered as a system. Apart from that there also exists system which does not have SL and Tp and a different method of risk or money management such as averging pyramiding or martingale’s method.

2. Discovery of a system
Most of people may not be able to discover a system because its very complex task, many prefers to test and modify pre-existed system which are available online

but the process of discovery of a system is very complex
you need to try many steps to test and document the result then test each method on minimum 3 months of chart and then derive its accuracy based on calculation of trades. Doing it manually can be very lengthy process and can take years. When you are doing such discovery you need to be funded either by some company or by yourself so your monthly expenses are being paid and you are happy otherwise you will lose confidence due to financial stress and demotivate very soon after that you will quit and your project of discovering a system will fail

3. The cycle of a system :

1. Hypothesis
2. Discover
3. Test
4. Report
5. Repeat

4. My experience :

I have discovered many system and at that time my earning was zero
as i have not been doing anything else and no one has funded me,
I was being funded from my own saving. Gladly after 3 years I found something and made high returns from scalping. After successfully finding a system, it was a boring work because my scanner used to alert me and i have to buy and sell, that’s it. So i wanted to expand more from scalping and was interested to find a system which can work for holding a trade. I found another system and tested on last 3 months of chart and all was good with 90% accuracy. But despite finding this, I was unable to trade live with system and i had to continue with my old system, The reason is that it takes months to be comfortable with any particular system because you know when it fails badly, when it works, You only know the true meaning of system after trading it for 3 months.
i had built that confidence so any new system offered to me to trade was very risky despite knowing its accuracy is high. So i needed any person who can test this and give the effort as a volunteer. But no one was available. I could hire person but sharing personal discovery is not a good idea. So that is why discovering and making a system ready takes so much time, because you may be the only person who have to do all tasks yourself. Discovering a system is just one part. trading it for 3 months and being profitable, writing notes on when it fails how can it be improved and making it more stable is very tedious task and can take months or even years.

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