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What strikes market? Its fibonacci! – Buying and selling Concepts – 5 December 2022


Fibonacci is the key of universe

When you think something is random, you are clueless about what to do.
Amoeba changes its shapes, but if you have finally decided to understand its shape changing data, what you can do it start documenting
its every change of shape in excel in format of X Y and Z dimension

Hopefully after thousand of changes you may be able to find that at least 1 change is similar to some other change out of 1000 changes.

This is the same method which is used in discovering how market behaves on particular tests and why it turns

To start exploring market, which can be considered that it makes a  random movement because in this world of Forex market everybody has right to buy and sell any number of qty at any time, based on technical analysis, news, fundamental or also sometime without any reason.

After a trader knows this fact, he may keen to find what actually works
there does not exists any method which is 100% accurate only based on strategy, but its possible to develop a system which may be 100% accurate when it is combined with risk and money management because algorithms may learn at what extent price fails and may use method of martingale averaging or pyramiding so precisely that it may be almost impossible to defeat a system, but again if you have just a strategy, its impossible to have a success trade 100% time.

Traders use different methods to decode the market moving mechanism.
Some use astrology and claim it works, some uses indicators while some uses price action. What is common in all? You will notice all method use Mathematics

You can experiment and understand how heart pumps, how eyes see using retina, how muscle moves in a body, how exercise may help you keep fit, and how smoking can kill. but you may be never be able to find who made Human and how?

Same way, You cant never know who created algorithm and how it works, but you may see its footprint on chart and earn money only with probability. When you trigger a order, it should be never based on sure shot, because you don’t understand the actual logic of market moving mechanism, but you are just understanding its one part. So its only based on probability. It can be failed anytime.

If you know who created Human and how, you can also be able to find the formula so a human never die and lives forever. But its not possible so you have to only follow with a mindset of  probability.

Since there are many methods of technical analysis, i have tested most  of them, I tested tesla’s 3 6 9 numbers on market, I tested Elliot, Neo and Weiss waves, I tested every Gann’s method, Geometry and trigonometry method such as angle based or trendline. What i found is there is all works and all fails too.

so i thought what calculate these? The answer was Fibonacci.
So in my personal experience, Fibonacci is the only key to universe.
and it works well on market, Its possible to detect every move from Fibonacci, but again the method of applying Fibonacci online is not the correct one. Fibonacci is used very differently and based on condition

Fibonacci channel, Expansion, Retracement and all other works with each other’s combination and this is what i have found to be working without any stress. I encourage traders to use fibonacci on their research to improve chances of success in trading. Fibonacci retracement can be used to find entries and expansion can be used to find exit. 1.618 also known as PHI is very important number in trading.

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