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CAP Technique Builder EA – (Optimize Setting File) – Different – 5 December 2022


CAP Strategy Builder EA (Optimize Setting File)

CAP Strategy Builder EA is basically a trade management tool and each user needs to configure it according to its needs and account equity and pairs traded. But Here We add some optimize setting file done by MT5 cloud base optimize system. 

Keep In Mind

It just backtest result we will never use live trading, result will not be same reflect with backtest result. You have to use backtest with your own risk. 

More Info

We are using only MT5 for optimize those backtesting. We spend money to MQL5 Cloud Netware to optimize backtest result. We found more thousand backtest result but all we are not upload here. We will add more new update step by step. 

How to use this Backtest

  • If you want to use backtest. You have to test backtest again by yourself. if you satisfied then use this setting. 

Version Pair TF Testing Period Initial Balance Mini. Balance  Profit DD Platform  Setting File 
1000001 EURUSD H1 2019.01.01 – 2022.01.31 $1000  $2400 $11541.03 50.85%  MT5 Download
1000002 EURUSD  H1  2019.01.01 – 2022.01.31   $1000  $5000 $10854.66  72.71%   MT5 | MT4 Download
1000003 EURUSD  H1  2019.01.01 – 2022.11.29   $1000  $22200 $43069.77  41.14%   MT5 Download
1000004  EURUSD  H1  2019.01.01 – 2022.11.29  $1000    $2600 $19430.26 16.95%   MT5 Download


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