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KanYe Proved on Alex Jones Present That WW2 Historical past is Trauma Based mostly Indoctrination – Funding Watch


by Chris Black

The main thing for which KanYe is currently being crucified in both mainstream and so-called alt-right media is that he said a few times during his appearance on Alex Jones show that he likes things that National Socialists and Hitler in particular did in the past, plus he mentioned that what people know about the holocaust (and WW2 history at large) is factually wrong, including the 6 million meme.

It really looks like the left and the right are both singing a refrain of “he is mentally unwell”, but they are saying that in response to him talking about Hitler/National Socialism, which is kind of interesting.

What is it about Hitler that triggers 99% of people in every walk of life?

Maybe it is because America’s official religion since WW2 is Ashkenazi worship?

Keep in mind that KanYe said like 1000 times during the interview that he’s a born again Christian and loves everyone, including zionists, jews, Nazis, serial killers etc.

Jesus said to love everyone. Hitler is someone.

Thus Kanye loves Hitler, that’s pretty easy to understand.

I think his strategy is to push the Overton window to the max and destroy the taboos imposed by the powers that be on certain topics, or to break the programming so to speak.

By doing so, he is pinning the Bolshevik/Marxist left/right into an impossible position.

They can’t really harm him since he is a celebrity.

They can’t attack him since they will be called “racist”, with him being black and all that POC stuff.

They can’t agree with him because it would be “anti-Semitic”.

The thing is, people are conditioned to be ultra-sensitive on certain topics that are designed to fit a certain narrative about a certain population that controls the media and academia in the US/the West at large.

WW2 history is trauma-based conditioning, pure and simple, as most people have been conditioned since birth to see Hitler as a manifestation of everything evil in existence.

You’re programmed as a child into being told who the most evil man in history is.

You’re programmed by the ideas of millions gassed and tortured and whatever else traumatizing shit you don’t think about as a child, which is the same technique as showing a smoker’s lung next to a non-smokers lung.

This planet’s education system has a group of people who decide what the curriculum is, and they make sure you always think about little Anne Frank or “what famous things happened in Germany in WW2 “.

The current Western world is built on the post-WW2 status quo.

WW2 was the founding myth, Hitler is the Satan of it and holocaustianity replaced Christianity in the Western world.

Hitler has literally replaced Satan in modern mythology, and Kanye is breaking the conditioning.

Fun fact: your grandparents who fought in WW2 didn’t really have a problem with Germany other than the fact they were fucking with the USA’s economy.

90% of Americans were against the US entry in WW2, which was actually WW1 part deux .

Many were also against WW1, but the propaganda industry was determined to use Americans to fight and slaughter their brothers in Europe on behalf of central banking.

Progressive Republican Bob LaFollette filibustered the Senate till he collapsed to try to keep the (((Armed Ship Bill))) from passing and making US entry inevitable.

The famous Patton quote really does describe how a lot of WW2 vets felt about their Euro tour but it was ok because they believed in the USA.

Funny how in the late 80s and 90s the anti-Nazi propaganda ramped up significantly after decades of silence, almost as if they were trying to indoctrinate a new, young, and impressionable generation who had no prior context.

KanYe is making the case for free speech absolutism, with him saying the most unspeakable things, thus forcing “free speech” advocates to put up or shut up.

You can tell people that Genghis Khan, Mao  or Stalin was your favorite leader from history and they won’t bat an eye.

Do the same with Hitler and they will think that you are a psychopath.

This is the text book definition of trauma based indoctrination, and kudos to KanYe for what he’s trying to do.

Hating Hitler is the core of brainwashing. If that breaks, it all breaks.

You will not be free until you accept that the big lie is real, accept that yes, history is written not by the good and just, but by the victors, and, most importantly, that both the “right” and the “left” in this country is owned by the same people, which have no ideology really, except from them being the chosen race of god and you the goy that must obey and serve them.

Ye is blowing the lid on it, and politicians and media are afraid they wouldn’t be able to play ball in the new paradigm.

I just hope that he doesn’t “die suddenly”. Pray for him, because he really needs it.



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