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Trump Loses It Over KanYe Go to at Mar A Lago – Funding Watch


by Chris Black

Trump is like the kid in the 80s high school movie that acts like a friend when the “cool kids” (jews) aren’t around but then immediately pretends he doesn’t know you because he thinks you lower his social standing when they are.

What a fag.

This is likely a lie.

Fuentes is one of Trump’s few remaining diehard supporters. The young man built a whole brand out of Trump’s “America First” slogan, hosts Trump advisors like Roger Stone on his website, is verified on Truth Social, and was at the center of attention as a prominent organizer of “Stop the Steal” rallies following the president’s electoral defeat in 2020.

Here’s what I think it happened:

Milo, likely working on behalf of big GOP donors, got into Kanye’s ear and used him as a mechanism to get Fuentes and Trump into the same room, thereby sinking Trump’s 2024 run, making Ron DeSantis the uncontested GOP favorite, and making everyone involved look stupid and ridiculous.

Trump would likely never have taken the dinner if not for some big wig donor telling him to.

He was set up basically.

Milo is a political fixer, but not on behalf of who he is working with.

If he is working with someone, they will soon face some retarded scandal or be publicly destroyed.

I’ve seen it happen several times.


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