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CodeNoah Orbital; Enter Arrange.”MT4″ (Replace November2022) – Analytics & Forecasts – 23 November 2022


Update(November 2022)

Pair Suggestion: EURUSD, EURCHF, CHFJPY and others sideway pairs

You should check for current market volatility every month then trade with pairs that have low volatility, cause EA work better in that kind of pairs.  

In my current trade I am using: CHFJPY

Hour suggestion; 4

Minimum Budget suggestion ; 600 USD

Input Setting

·       TakeProfit: 24

·       AutoAdjustTO5Digits: true.

·       ECNExecution: false. This function depend on your type of broker too , simply try it with our demo account and if EA able to open Order it’s all good.

·       MartingaleFunction; false. This is martingale function. Adjust by back test first before try in real live account.

·       MaxMartinOrder; 1 . Do not go more than 1

·       Magic; put in any number you want.

·       Deviation for BB Entry; 2

·       bbPeriod; 30

·       RSI Lower Level : 20

·       RSI Upper Level ; 70

·       rsiPeriod; 14

If you want to try optimize the EA try I do suggest to use only this  parameter is enough: TakeProfit /MartingaleFunction/bbPeriod/RSILowerLevel/RSIUpperLevel.

Try to optimize the EA at least every 3 month.

If you have any question regard the EA feel free to contact me directly

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