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Twitter Reinstates TPUSA Ambassador and Fashionable Political Analyst @ALX Lower than an Hour After Trump


A popular TPUSA staffer and political commentator, Alex Lorusso, who goes by “Alx” was suspended from Twitter in 2020 after posting a meme of Chairman Xi Jinping endorsing Joe Biden.

Twitter claims that his suspension is for violating their policy on “platform manipulation and spam” since he had previously been suspended on another account.

Alex had 80,000 followers before he got suspended and has been retweeted by President Donald Trump on multiple occasions.

The activist and commentator was banned from the platform in 2018 without being given any explanation. They initially told him that he was locked out for seven days, then changed their mind and said it was permanent. Eventually, Alx just made a new account which quickly gained massive popularity.

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On Biden’s campaign website, he has a generator which users can add their photo to create an “I’m on Team Joe” avatar. Naturally, social media users flocked to the generator to add figures like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Alx tweeted one using a photo of Jinping.

His suspension prompted a quick outcry on social media, with Donald Trump Jr. and others, coming to his defense and calling for his account to be reinstated.

Less than an hour after Elon Musk restored President Trump’s account, Twitter reinstated Alex’s account.

“I am overwhelmed by the immense support I have received since my reinstatement — so is my phone,” Alx wrote in his account. “Looking forward to connecting with everyone here again!”

As of right now, the only people that have been reinstated since Musk took over Twitter are Alx, Kathie Griffin, Jordan Peterson, the Babylon Bee, President Trump, and just last night, Project Veritas, and a few others.

The Gateway Pundit is currently banned from the platform after we released an exclusive video from the TCF Center showing late-night deliveries of tens of thousands of votes to the TCF Center HOURS AFTER the deadline.

The Gateway Pundit published footage of vehicles delivering over 50 boxes of fraudulent ballots for Joe Biden at 3 am in Wayne County, Michigan, on Election Night, prompting Big Tech to retaliate against TGP with a permanent suspension from the platform.

We need your help!

Please tag Elon Musk on Twitter and ask him to restore The Gateway Pundit’s Twitter account.

Thank you.


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