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Lifetime Rebate! As much as 50% Fee Price! KuCoin Affiliate Program Upgraded Model is Coming!


Lifetime Rebate! Up to 50% Commission Rate! KuCoin Affiliate Program Upgraded Version is Coming!

We are lucky to have 16,000 excellent Affiliates! With KuCoin’s 5th anniversary approaching, we have made an upgrade to the program; whether you’re a new or old Affiliate, if you recommend KuCoin to your friends, you will have a chance to receive up to a 50% lifetime rebate on every qualified trade made by your invitees.

What is the KuCoin Affiliate Program?

The KuCoin Affiliate is a partner with the same mission and values as KuCoin. So, we have launched the KuCoin Affiliate Program, where you can create a unique referral link. Anyone who clicks on the link and completes the registration will automatically be classified as your invitee. You will receive a commission on all trades completed by your invitee, including Spot, Futures, and Margin trades.

How To Join KuCoin Affiliate Program?

To apply and start earning commissions, visit our Affiliate page for more information.

How To Earn Commissions?

Step 1: Join the KuCoin Affiliate Program

Click this link to apply: https://www.kucoin.com/affiliate-apply

Step 2: Promote your referral link

You can create and manage your exclusive referral link on the ‘Affiliate’ page and share your link to different channels.

Step 3: Earn commission easily

Whenever a user signs up for a KuCoin account via your referral link, you will receive a commission of up to 50% from his completed trade; the commission will be automatically sent to your KuCoin Main account every Wednesday.

How long will I receive affiliate commissions if I join the program?

Once you pass the quarterly review, it’s for life. Lifetime commissions – no cap, no time limit- get higher commissions as you get more invitees.

KuCoin Affiliate Level and Commission Details

Level Commission Rate Commission Time Assessment Requirements (3 months)
Trading Volume Number of Valid Invitees
Lvl3 50% Lifetime 500 BTC 100
Lvl2 45% 50 BTC 20
Lvl1 40% 10 BTC 5

*Valid Invitees refer to users who have registered via your referral link and made a deposit and trade on KuCoin

*BTC is calculated based on the daily average price of BTC during the assessment week (noon UTC)

*Futures, Spot, or Margin trades will enjoy the same commission rate

How do Affiliate level upgrades and downgrades work?

1.Quarterly assessment starts on 1st January, 1st April, 1st July, and 1st October in a calendar year.

2. Affiliates who successfully sign up will get Lvl1 rights and start the assessment according to Lvl1. If the higher-level requirements are reached 30 days after registration, they can be adjusted directly.

3. If you fail to meet the standard in the first assessment period, you will receive an email reminder. Suppose you fail to meet the Lvl1 assessment requirements for two consecutive cycles(Any one of the requirements: Trading Volume or Number of Valid Invitees). In that case, the rebate rate will be temporarily adjusted to 0% and automatically resume when the assessment requirements are met.

Other Benefits

1. If you need to activate the secondary rebate, please contact your KuCoin manager or email [email protected]

2. Invitees can get up to 500 USDT newcomer benefits: https://www.kucoin.com/beginner-zone

Terms and Conditions

1. Commission will be automatically sent to the Affiliate’s KuCoin Main account every Wednesday, once a week.

2. The transaction fee of the inviter’s sub-account is merged into the main account, and the commission amount is calculated.

3. Hijacking official traffic or jeopardizing KuCoin clients’ account security will lead to the cancellation of the affiliate membership immediately, and any commission receivables will be revoked. (Including but not limited to using content similar to KuCoin’s official social media accounts, website content, or domain names for redirects, or placing KuCoin ads through search engines, etc.).

4. The historical Affiliate version will be automatically upgraded to this version, except for some exceptional cases.

5. KuCoin reserves the final right to interpret this program, subject to modification without prior notice.

6. If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected], or visit our Help Center.

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Thanks for your understanding and support!

The KuCoin Team

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