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“I am Actually Scared A couple of Massacre 10 Days From Now” (VIDEO)


MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch on Thursday said the Democrats are up against strong headwinds going into the midterm elections because people cannot afford to buy food and necessities.

Inflation rates are at 40-year highs because of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Inflation was at 1.4% when Joe Biden was installed in January 2021.

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Now core inflation is over 8% after Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress spent trillions of dollars on Marxist pet projects.

“I’m really scared about a bloodbath 10 days from now,” Donny Deutsch said after pointing out Americans are suffering from record inflation and watching their retirement accounts shrink.


As TGP’s Joe Hoft reported, the US Congress is moving towards the GOP in the most recent Rasmussen polling.

According to their latest poll the 2022 midterm elections are now just 11 days away, and Republicans have a seven-point lead in their bid to recapture control of Congress.

If the elections for Congress were held today, 49% of Likely U.S. Voters would vote for the Republican candidate, while 42% would vote for the Democrat. Just four percent (4%) would vote for some other candidate, but another five percent (5%) are not sure.

The GOP lead has increased three points from last week, when they led 47% to 43%. Republicans have led the Generic Congressional Ballot all year, although their lead has narrowed since mid-July, when they led by as much as 10 points.


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