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Forcing Your Will on the American Individuals Is Tyranny


Finally, someone in authority has called out the January 6th terrorists as the tyrants they are.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson warned during a January 6th sentencing hearing on Thursday, “People need to understand that they can’t do this… They can’t try to force their will on the American people once the American people have already spoken at the ballot box. That’s the opposite of democracy, it’s tyranny.”

“The threat to democracy, the dark shadow of tyranny, unfortunately, has not gone away… There are people who are still disseminating the lie that the election was stolen, they’re doing it today.”

“The people who are stoking that anger for their own selfish purposes, they need to think about the havoc they’ve wreaked, the lives they’ve ruined, the harm to their supporters’ families even, and the threat to this country’s foundation.”

“He was your prey. He was your trophy,” Jackson said before handing down a 7.5 year sentence for Tennessee resident Albuquerque Cosper Head over his vicious actions on January 6th, aimed at law enforcement.

Prior to attacking Officer Fanone and dragging him by the neck to more terrorists who dragged him away, tased him and beat him, as well as stealing his badge and radio. Head engaged in “hand-to-hand combat” with a line of officers protecting the doors at the Capitol tunnel.

Fanone was beaten, his radio stolen and he testified that he heard the terrorists urging that they kill him with his own gun.

Head’s own defense counsel acknowledged he had approximately 45 prior arrests. Somehow he still envisioned himself as the Righteous Defender of Law and Order, when he was actually committing a terrorist attack upon the U.S. Capitol and Capitol Police.

When the loved ones of the defendant pleaded for mercy, Judge Jackson “countered that she could not overlook the suffering felt by the family of Head’s victim, whom she noted was ironically attacked under a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag.”

“He (Fanone) was protecting the very essence of democracy, the peaceful transfer of power after a democratic election. He was protecting America,” Judge Jackson said, as she handed down one of the “most severe penalties handed down so far in the Justice Department’s investigation of the Capitol attack.”

Far from the patriotic defense of their country that Republicans have sold it as, January 6th was a tyrannical attack upon America by people who do not respect democracy and feel entitled to steal the votes of other Americans when elections don’t go their way. There is not a more un-American belief than that.

Those who incited the January 6th attack and those who acted upon that incitement were engaged in tyranny, using violence to impose their desired outcome on the American people who had voted in the most secure election in history and chosen their next president, Democrat Joe Biden. Joe Biden won both the popular vote and the electoral college. He won the popular vote with a 4.5 point victory, 51.3% to 46.8% “the second largest since 2000. Only Barack Obama’s 7-point win in 2008 was bigger,” NBC tallied. Biden won by a “margin of 7 million popular votes.”

The Trump terrorists tried to steal the votes of 7 million Americans, because Donald Trump is a sore loser and a huge liar. Tyrannical Trump incited an attack on his own country because he lost an election.


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