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Biden Humiliates Trump By Telling Putin America Will Not Be Intimidated


President Biden stood up to Putin in a way that Trump never could after Russia’s sham referendum.

Video of Biden:

President Biden said at the White House:

America and its allies are not going going to be intimidated, they are not going to be intimidated by Putin and his reckless worrisome threats. He’s not gonna scare us or intimidate us. Putin’s actions are a sign that he is struggling, the sham referendum he carried out and this routine put on, don’t worry, it’s not on there if you are looking.

The sham routine that he put on this morning showing the unity and people holding hands together, the United States is never going to recognize this. Like frankly, the world is not going to recognize it either. He can’t seize his neighbors’ territory and get away with it, it’s as simple as that. You’re gonna stay the course and continue to provide military equipment so Ukraine can defend itself and this territory, including additional resources that the congress is going to approve today of 13 billion more dollars to help Ukrainians defend themselves and fight back.

We are fully prepared to defend, I’m gonna say this again, America is fully prepared with our NATO allies to defend every single inch of NATO territory.
 Every single inch. Mr. Putin, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, every inch. I’ve been in close touch with our allies. We are announcing new sanctions today as well that include new authorities to sanction anyone who provides political or economic support to Russia’s fraudulent territorial claims.

America has come a long way from Trump meeting alone in secret with Putin and refusing to release readouts or transcripts of his calls with the Russian authoritarian.

Biden is showing the nation and the world what an embarrassment Trump was by confronting and standing up to Putin.

If Putin has learned from America’s strong and ongoing support for Ukraine, the anti-democratic Trump has been replaced by a president who appears to have a spine of steel when it comes to defending democracy.


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