Home Politics Trump Admits To Having Labeled Paperwork In His Workplace

Trump Admits To Having Labeled Paperwork In His Workplace


While trying to discredit the picture the DOJ released of classified documents that were found in his desk, Trump admitted that he had the docs.


Trump said:

They took documents, and they put them all over the floor. Then they deceptively put out that picture. A lot of people think when you walk into my office, I have confidential documents or whatever it may be, classified, but I have confidential documents spread out all over my floor, like a slob. 

Like I’m sitting there reading these documents all day long, or somebody else would be. It’s so dishonest when you look at it.

Trump is admitting with his answer that he had the classified documents in his desk. The documents were not planted. The scene was not staged. Donald Trump is trying to discredit the DOJ photo, but in the process, he is admitting to committing some potential crimes.

If Trump keeps talking, he is going to make it easy for the DOJ to indict him.


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