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Doug Mastriano Runs Away From The 1/6 Committee After 15 Minutes


Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano ran away from the 1/6 Committee after 15 minutes without answering a single question.

CNN reported:

Mastriano’s attorney cut off the virtual appearance soon after it began, the source said. His lawyer, Tim Parlatore, took issue with several procedural matters related to the deposition, and raised questions about the legality of the subpoena that Mastriano received from the panel, the source added.


“We were there for 15 minutes. It was clear that the committee was unable to comply with the regulations regarding use of deposition authority and moreover has no interest in complying with the regulations,” Parlatore said. “We’re happy to provide the information if they can either do it fairly and legally or if we can reach a resolution on how to do a voluntary interview which minimizes the risk of election interference.”

Mastriano was the person in charge of Trump’s effort to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania. He is also losing by double-digits to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro.

The Shapiro campaign had a field day with Mastriano’s walkout:


Why is Mastriano afraid to answer questions from the 1/6 Committee? Mastriano’s claim that he walked out because the Committee would not meet his conditions is contrived and cowardly.

Doug Mastriano doesn’t get to dictate conditions to a congressional committee.

There is a reason why Pennsylvania Republicans are breaking with their party and endorsing Josh Shapiro.

Doug Mastriano is an election-denying insurrectionist who doesn’t have the guts to talk to the 1/6 Committee. If Mastriano can’t handle questions from Liz Cheney, then he isn’t up to the job of governor of Pennsylvania.


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