Home Politics RNC Official Seems In DOJ Prison Faux Electors Subpoenas

RNC Official Seems In DOJ Prison Faux Electors Subpoenas


The RNC’s election integrity official has appeared in at least three of the Justice Department subpoenas investigating Trump’s fake electors.

Politico reported:

At least three witnesses in DOJ’s investigation of so-called alternate electors in the 2020 election — two in Arizona and another in Georgia — have received subpoenas demanding communications to and from Joshua Findlay, who is now the RNC’s national director for election integrity.

POLITICO reviewed the subpoena sent to the Georgia witness after the Washington Postpublished copies of two Arizona subpoenas. Findlay’s appearance in the documents means the Justice Department has taken interest in his communications as part of its probe related to pro-Trump GOP officials and activists who presented themselves as legitimate electors from states where Joe Biden won.

Findlay was one of Trump’s campaign lawyers in 2020 and did not take his job with the RNC until after Biden came into office, but his presence in criminal subpoenas related to the Trump fake elector scheme means that the RNC official who is now in charge of the party’s “election integrity” was someone who was tryin g to overthrow the United States government for Donald Trump.

If the Justice Depart goes after all of the people who potentially committed crimes to keep Trump into power, the charges could reach into the RNC.


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