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Introduction to Superior Worth Sample Scanner – Buying and selling Methods – 26 July 2022


Advanced Price Pattern Scanner is the automatic pattern scanner that can detect the advanced price pattern and chart pattern to trade. Advanced Price Pattern Scanner contains the highly sophisticated pattern detection algorithm. In addition, this price pattern scanner is non repainting pattern scanner. However, we have designed it in the easy to use and intuitive manner. Advanced Price Pattern Scanner will show all the patterns in your chart in the most efficient format for your trading.

Detectable Patterns

Following pattern can be detected.

1)  Triangle (Pattern Code = 0)

2)  Falling Wedge (Pattern Code = 1)

3)  Rising Wedge (Pattern Code = 2)

4)  Double Top (Pattern Code = 3)

5)  Double Bottom (Pattern Code = 4)

6)  Head and Shoulder (Pattern Code = 5)

7)  Reverse of Head and Shoulder (Pattern Code = 6)

8)  Cup and Handle or Cup with Handle (Pattern Code = 7)

9)  Reverse of Cup and Handle or Cup with Handle (Pattern Code = 8)


Main Functionality

1)  Pattern Detection in Indicator Window: Detected Patterns are located in the indicator window for your market analysis. To view or hide, just click the Circle button in the indicator window.

2)  Pattern Detection in Main Window: Detected patterns are also located in the main window for your market analysis. To view or hide, just click the circle button in the main window.

3)  Call Patterns: You can also call any patterns at the desired location in your chart. To access Call Pattern feature, click call button. Now you will have pointer in your chart. Move the pointer anywhere in your chart to located patterns, then click “Call” button again. You will see patterns corresponding to the location of pointer.

4)  Multiple Timeframe Pattern Detection: You can also scan above patterns across different timeframe from one indicator. You can also switch on and off any specific timeframe per your need. Please note that Multiple Timeframe Pattern Detection requires much heavier computation.

5)  Pattern Locking: You can also lock any patterns in your chart for your future use. Just click over Lock button to lock patterns in your chart.


Here is a Simple Video Tutorial on Advanced Price Pattern Scanner.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1-IUr6u5Tg

Below are the links to Advanced Price Pattern Scanner.




You can also use this product together with Peak Trough Analysis tool to yield better profit. Peak Trough Analysis is free tool for everyone.
Below is how to download this free peak trough analysis indicator.


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