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Handbook for improve EAs after retrained and reoptimized – Buying and selling Programs – 25 July 2022



Optimized Expert Advisors are delivered optimized, optimization takes place on the author’s side, the only parameter available for optimization on the user’s side is the size of stoploss

Optimization of a strategy is based on searching for patterns in historical data and constructing forecast models of price behavior in the future.

I get dozens of prognostic models of price behavior every time I perform optimization. Selection criterion of a forecast model is often ambiguous. I use up to 5 models for my Expert Advisor. 

When updating models and testing the Expert Advisor with new models in the strategy tester, you may notice discrepancies between the Expert Advisor’s trades before and after the updating. This is a normal situation as the old model was optimized on historical data and traded on forward period while the new model was optimized on the same historical data and included new data that were forward for the old model. That is, the new model includes training and optimization on big data and shifted to newer data, as the current market situation more strongly influences future prices.


When updating an advisor, it is necessary to:

1) Disable automatic trading of the current EA

2) If your account has open positions, the new advisor will pick them up if the magic number matches, you can also close them manually.

3) you can move a copy of the old Advisor in a separate folder (using the old version is possible if you are satisfied with it, but not recommended if the version is too old or has been more than 3-4 months after its publication on the Market)

4) in the downloads section or in the terminal search for the Expert Advisor and update it

5) the new version can be optimized again (optionally) by the SL parameter (including the optimization by opening prices, a rough variant)

6) Start the new version of the Expert Advisor on the chart of the currency pair, set the necessary magic number, which matches with the magic number of the old version, if the account has open positions

7) proceeding from the trading mode: waiting for a new wave or immediate trading within the current wave, the advisor may close the current positions, if this is required by the new forecasting model of the strategy. If the mode “immediately” is chosen, then part of the open trades (or even all of them), which remained from the previous version, can be closed immediately.

8) during the work of advisor it is not recommended to leave active window of advisor settings (always close the window of advisor settings!), and do not switch timeframe of chart, on which advisor trades (for example from H1 to H4 and back)

9) after the update information about the current version will be available in the settings window of the Expert Advisor and displayed on the chart

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