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Virgin Bitcoin: What’s it? Where can it be purchased?


What is virgin Bitcoin?

A virgin Bitcoin as the name implies is a fresh and never transacted bitcoin. This Bitcoin has no transaction history and was obtained directly from a miner. Virgin Bitcoins have generated a lot of debate in the Bitcoin community but are challenging to obtain in reality. The possibility of Virgin Bitcoins has created a great deal of revenue, in light of the exceptional status that is being related with it, particularly in the digital money commercial center. This class of Bitcoins are presently being exchanged at greater expenses, with mark ups of somewhere in the range of 10% and 20% across various platforms.

How Do Virgin Bitcoins Operate?
Directly from a miner who has received the block reward, a virgin Bitcoin is produced. Thus, it can only be obtained through peer to peer trade. To draw buyers and maybe sell Bitcoin at a premium, some miners have attempted to market their Bitcoin as virgin Bitcoin. However, because such markets are difficult to form, no market has developed for virgin Bitcoins.

The justification for this isn’t unrealistic, truly, it is a result of their status of “no history”, so they can be expected as the most secure sort of Bitcoins to hold.

Where Can I Purchase Virgin Bitcoins?

No market exists. We recently made a group of few miners who sell virgin bitcoins at a premium price of 3% to 10% with a minimum of 10 BTC and a maximum of 700 BTC. The group is unregulated and has no rules governing it. While miners remain anonymous, every transaction is completed with Dai Stablecoin on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20). To maintain the privacy of the miners, buyers exit the group once transactions complete.


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