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“I am Rubber, They’re Glue” – Elon Musk Responds to Twitter Claiming Musk is Purpose for Their


Elon Musk says that he’s “rubber” while Twitter is “glue”, in response to the company’s statement about him in its earnings call.

Yahoo reports:

Twitter’s revenue decreased by one per cent in its second quarter, “reflecting advertising industry headwinds associated with the macroenvironment as well as uncertainty related to the pending acquisition of Twitter by an affiliate of Elon Musk”.

Subscription and other revenue totaled $101 million, a decrease of 27 per cent year-over-year, while net loss was $270 million, representing a net margin of -23 per cent.

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“Given the pending acquisition of Twitter by an affiliate of Elon Musk, we will not host an earnings conference call, issue a shareholder letter, or provide financial guidance in conjunction with our second quarter 2022 earnings release,” Twitter said.

Regarding the purchase itself, Twitter said that “representatives of Mr Musk delivered a notice purporting to terminate the merger agreement. Twitter believes that M . Musk’s purported termination is invalid and wrongful, and the merger agreement remains in effect”. The company has commenced litigation against Mr Musk and had an expedited trial granted to them earlier this week, scheduled for October 2022.

“The exact timing of completion of the merger, if at all, cannot be predicted because the merger is subject to ongoing litigation, adoption of the merger agreement by our stockholders and the satisfaction of the remaining closing conditions.”

In response to Twitter ‘blaming’ Mr Musk for missed earnings, Mr Musk replied: “I’m rubber, they’re glue”.

The Urban dictionary describes this phrase as follows:

riposte used when someone calls you a name. Indicates that whatever names or words someone uses in an attempt to offend or insult you, those words will bounce off you, and stick to the name-caller, indicating that he or she is actually indicative of the connotation he or she originally wanted to impart upon you. Also, what I say to Peter to make him cry.

The issue for Twitter is that they claim that they have less than 5% bots on their site.  But this was challenged by Musk and the company never fully or adequately answered his questions regarding this matter.

Everyone but Twitter can see this is a problem.


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