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Liz Cheney Says The Trump Dam Has Begun To Break And Declares Extra Hearings In September


1/6 Committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney said that the dam has begun to break and announced more hearings for September.

Video of Cheney:

Cheney said:

In the course of these hearings, we have received new evidence and new witnesses have bravely stepped forward. Efforts to litigate and overcome immunity in executive privilege have been successful, and those continue. Doors have opened new subpoenas have been issued and the dam has begun to break.

Now, even as we conduct our considerably more to do. We have far more evidence to share with the American people Our committee will spend August pursuing and merging information on multiple fronts, before convening new hearings in September.

Trump’s 1/6 Committee nightmare is far from over. Tonight’s hearing will not be the last. Those in the Secret Service who destroyed evidence, and members of Congress who thought that they had gotten away conspiring in a coup plot are in for a very difficult fall.


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