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Rollover Scalper EA variations – Buying and selling Methods – 17 July 2022


Rollover Scalper EA versions release notes (MT4, MT5)

Rollover Scalper version 1.2 release notes
Release date: 17 July 2022
What’s new:

  • added a logging system which can help analyze everything the EAs does or didn’t do.
  • added a safety protection – no more than 1 position in same direction on the same pair will be open during the period indicated by the “Timeframe” parameter (5 minutes by default). This protects the account from opening multiple losing trades in a row (which lose simply because of slippage and then are opened again).
  • added a safety protection – “Minimum profit” parameter (in points). This protects the account from opening positions that have the TP too close, which together with slippage can negatively affect the trading results. This also protects indirectly from having the entry point too close to the actual price, which again could negatively affect the trading results and cause results different from the backtested ones.
  • added the “Minimum X” parameter which will use the value of “Minimum X” instead of “X” when “X” is smaller.
  • added the “Spread at which to delete limit orders” parameter. By default it’s set to 100, which means that once the spread gets bigger than 100 points the EA will delete the pending orders. This is useful to minimize the potential losses caused by the negative slippage (as the spread and the slippage are related).
  • added a new entry point strategy based on High-Low levels. Set the “Where to place the pending orders?” parameter to “X_points_from_HL” to use it. It uses the “High-Low period” and “Min High-Low range” parameters
  • added a “virtual TP” functionality. This however won’t work on most ECN brokers (such as ICMarkets) and is better to be turned off when using them.
  • added additional checks for indicators loading errors. Now, if a symbol is disabled and the EA can’t load the indicator for it, the EA will let you know which symbol causes the issue. Enabling the symbol usually solves the issue.
  • the indicators are now using the previous bar’s value (unlike v1.0 and v1.1 of Rollover Scalper EA which were using the current bar’s value). This makes the live results more similar on different accounts.
  • the default settings have been changed. Now they are more profitable, but keep in mind that they will hold trades over the weekend which means possible additional risks.

Rollover Scalper version 1.1 release notes
Release date: 3 May 2022
What’s new:

  • “use_risk_per_trade” option added to dynamic lot size (as requested by customers).
    E.g. if you set the “risk per trade in %” parameter to “5” while having 1000$ on account and using “700” safety SL (~7$/0.01 lot), the lot size used will be 0.07 because by having a 49$ SL (7$*7) you indeed risk only 5% of your account.
  • “grid” option added (as requested by customers).
    All grid orders have the same SL and the same TP (which can be trailed).
    If you use the grid, the “Move the entry point with MA?” parameter is ignored and therefore the entry point will remain fixed.
    P.S. my subjective opinion is that, the EA is good as it was originally thought to be (without grid). Yet, it is useful to have the option to play around with the grid strategy on backtests. All sets I send do NOT use grid.
  • Pause trading after a specific big loss?” option added.
    You can now minimize the drawdown caused by important news like pandemics or wars, news which affect the market for many days but can’t be seen in an economic calendar. All you have to do is set the loss at which to pause trading, and the number of days to pause trading. Keep in mind that the loss is per trade is used to trigger the pause, not the drawdown per balance.
    Once the pause is triggered, you’ll see it on the Info panel (if “Show info panel?” parameter is set to true).
  • StdDev (standard deviation indicator) parameters can now be seen and changed from EA’s settings.
  • The “Use every tick?” parameter was removed as it was no longer. Since build 1.1, the EA always does checks and calculations each tick during trading hours, and only each 5 minutes when idle (during non-trading hours). The goal is to improve the live trading results by minimizing the effects created by ping, network interrupts, too high CPU usage etc., and by making live trading results more similar to backtesting or other live accounts. In version 1.0 there was sometimes a big difference in trades taken on different live accounts (same set would behave differently). Now it’s less likely to happen, and the only reasons for that to happen are not related to the EA (these reasons being slippage, ping, different servers etc.).
  • Fixed a bug in the MT5 version which wouldn’t close trades after the closing period time (4AM in default sets). The bug was present and could be seen in both live trading and backtesting results, and therefore the backtesting results were showing the real results.

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