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Fractal Wave Channel – Buying and selling Methods – 17 July 2022


Fractal Wave Channel

In previous chapter, we have introduced the Fractal Wave Channel. Probably it was not hard in term of how to construct Fractal Wave channels. Now the same idea can be extended using the superimposed patterns. Construction of Superimposed Channel can be done in two steps as before. Firstly, we will draw the base line by connecting point 1 and point 3. Secondly, by projecting the base line in parallel to point 2, we can create the channel over the superimposed pattern. It is typically good idea to aim to draw the channel on the 3 points of larger Equilibrium Fractal Wave. The channel on superimposed pattern has stronger prediction power comparing to the channel created from single EFW. If you are not convinced with this idea, then imagine simple two waves interfering. Two waves can interact together either constructive or destructive. To have the constructive interference, two waves must have the peak or trough overlapping in the same position. When the final points of two equilibrium fractal waves end up in the same position, two equilibrium fractal waves will have the constructive relationship. For example, traders recognized EFW 1 as the trading opportunity will join the force together with traders recognized EFW 2 as the trading opportunity. Hence, the superimposed patterns with two or three EFWs will bring much stronger reaction to the market. In general, more EFWs are superimposed together, its prediction power will grow too. Therefore, superimposed patterns are naturally the best location to place your channel.

EFW Analytics provide the graphic rich and fully visual trading styles. In default trading strategy, you will be looking at the combined signal from Superimposed pattern + EFW Channel or Superimposed pattern + Superimposed Channel. In addition, you can perform many more trading strategies in a reversal and breakout mode. You can also run two different timeframes in one chart to enforce your trading decision. Sound alert, email and push notification are built inside the indicator.

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Full Article: https://algotrading-investment.com/2018/10/21/fractal-wave-channel/

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