Home Politics Trump Is Fundraising Off Of Ivana Trump’s Demise

Trump Is Fundraising Off Of Ivana Trump’s Demise


Donald Trump is sending out fundraising emails to his supporters over Ivana Trump’s death.

This is what Trump is sending his supporters:

Here is a better look at Trump’s Save America super PAC’s email:

Donald Trump sent out his Truth Social post about his ex-wife’s death to his email list and he included a fundraising link so that people could express their condolences by giving him more of their money.

None of this is a surprise. Trump only cares about raising money from the cult that follows him.

Trump showed more emotion when he reportedly tried to get the Secret Service to take him to the Capitol to overthrow the government than he did when the woman died who gave birth to three of his children.

Donald Trump is a terrible human being, and the fact that he was willing to use the death of his ex-wife to raise money for his super PAC is entirely consistent with the kind of person he has shown himself to be.


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