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NFT Expoverse Will Ship One Fortunate Winner on 5-day Journey to Area Via the Occasion Horizon Giveaway Launch


NFT Expoverse, a mass adoption blockchain event for industry novices and veterans, announced today that it has partnered with World View, Lunar, Astranaut, and The Planetary Society for the Event Horizon Giveaway where they will be giving away a 5-day trip to space, to one lucky attendee a highly-desired seat aboard the World View Explorer.

The winner will join seven other participants and two crew members in a zero-pressure stratospheric balloon to rise up to more than 100,000 feet above earth. With a value of more than $150,000, the trip begins from one of the launch sites that are among the most awe-inspiring locations across the globe. Next, the second place winner will receive a fully sponsored trip to meet Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society, and the third place winner will get to experience zero-gravity. On July 30, the winners will be announced live at NFT Expoverse.

NFT Expoverse will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 29-31. This event will bring together entrepreneurs, celebrated visionaries, influencers, celebrities and investors, for three days of education, collaboration and networking. Both industry newcomers and veterans will come together to learn more about web3, the metaverse, crypto, blockchain technologies, AR/VR, gaming, art, and more.

More than 200 exhibitors will share their products, services and ideas including Tokenframe, Hector Finance, Freeverse, CryptoBlades, Linqto, Lunar, Enhance, and more. Among the speakers were Jeremy Lewis from Crypto.com, Nicole Alexander from Meta, Jasmine Cooper from Ripple, Darcy Donavan from Income Island, Giovanna Graziosi from Decentraland, among many others. There will be live NFT galleries, meet and greets, exclusive in-event NFT drops, and AR/VR presentation rooms.

Attendees can visit Gleam to access the list of tasks created by NFT Expoverse and their giveaway partners in order to enter the giveaway. With more points earned, more tasks completed, and the person with the highest points by the end of giveaway will win the trip. Second and third place do not need to be present at the event.Please visit www.nftexpoverse.com, to learn more about the event, its speakers, exhibitors, and the fantastic team behind it.


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