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CNN Analyst Enten Breaks Dangerous Information To Democrats: They Should not Financial institution On Jan. 6 Hearings Saving Them


On Monday, CNN was suddenly hit with news that the rest of the country already knew: the Jan. 6 Committee hearings aren’t going to save the Democrats in November.

CNN analyst Harry Enten joined “The Lead” host Jake Tapper to talk about a recent Quinnipiac University poll that said two things.

One, Americans are paying attention to the goings on of the Committee, but two, the Jan. 6 Committee is not changing the fortunes of Democrats for November.

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Not What CNN Wants To Hear

It was up to Enten to inform Jake Tapper that, according to the Quinnipiac poll, front and center on the minds of Americans four months out from the November midterm election is inflation and the economy.

But in a rather strange twist, as some of the hearings have begun to be televised, the number of Democrats who believe Donald Trump may have committed crimes on that day has fallen from 87% to 85%.

For Republicans, the opposite has happened. The number of Republicans who think Trump may have behaved criminally rose from 6% to 15%. 

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The Cold Hard Truth

It was here where things got amusing. Tapper commented to Enten while doing his best to prop up Democrats, “Harry, we’ve talked before about the poor polling for Democrats heading into this year’s midterm elections. Have these hearing changed that outlook at all?”

Enten’s reply to Tapper, “Not really, no. The top issue for Americans at this point is not the Jan. 6 committee hearings, it is not Donald Trump. It’s inflation!” Jake Tapper apparently unaware that Americans are paying on average $4.65 a gallon for gas and in many cases, struggling to afford food.

This certainly can’t be the first time that Jake Tapper has heard that January 6 isn’t a magic bullet. Back in June, during a panel discussion with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Politico correspondent Betsy Woodruff Swan admitted that privately, two Democrat lawmakers had stated to her that, “Nobody gives a bleep about January 6.”

Tapper’s fellow mainstream media traveller Todd was also incredulous, asking Swan, “Which brings me to the all-important question, Betsy: Does the Jan. 6 hearing break through at all? Is this more proof that it does not?” Swan’s matter of fact response, “I don’t think it does.”

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Democrats Bracing For November

Jake Tapper, Harry Enten, Chuck Todd, the rest of the media, and the Democrats will do their best not to say it out loud, but they all know what’s coming in November.

Back in June, Enten was also charged with delivering grim news to Tapper. Enten predicted that by the end of election night 2022, the GOP will walk away with a massive majority, and is in the best midterm position in nearly 80 years.

The clubbing Democrats are likely to take will be blamed in large part on President Joe Biden. The same Quinnipiac poll cited by Harry Enten has Biden’s job approval rating at just 33%.

Biden’s approval among Democrats is a whopping 80%, but just 25% among independents. Amusingly, 75% of Democrats “approve” of Biden’s handling of the economy. Overall, 62% disapprove.

This should lead pollsters to realize that a large number of Democrats are “approving” merely for partisan reasons. 

Newsflash for Democrats: it’s the economy, stupid.

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