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Win Future / Element in depth – Different – 10 July 2022


Win Destiny is a scalable and robust bot, capable of supporting and having the best inputs even in the worst scenarios. The system consists of multiple independent strategies, carefully vetted to take the best entry. Using advanced filters that reduce noise and allows to have a clear image of the market that will be exposed later.

The system is also implemented with Multi-Layer Perceptrons using volume as the main filter to determine the perfect Accumulation and Distribution points. Also avoiding strong movements that are not consistent to operate.

With Win Destiny you can select which strategies are the ones that best suit your initial equity since using only one strategy you can start with $100 of balance.

The Strategy Tester allows you to test and optimize trading strategies and Win Destiny has a powerful automatic optimizer integrated that allows you to collect the best data together with the Metatrader 5 Algorithm.

Why do I get different/worse backtest results?

  • The quality of market data provided by your broker (it varies from broker to broker).
  • The swaps and spread of each broker may have an impact on the backtest results.

Is live trading the same as backtesting?

  • If you have high quality data provided by broker yes, it is exactly the same as real trading.
  • Please make sure you have all the bars and ticks in the selected time, you can download them in “Symbols” ( ctrl + U).
  • If you want more information on how to use Symbol and Tick data you can read [Link] [Link 2]

How do I backtest it?

  • If you want more information on how to use backtesting you can use the information on Metatrader 5 in [Link] [Link 2].
  • Only “1 Minute OHLC” can be used for quick tests as the EA only uses OHLC internally.
  • Long-term testing of 5-10 years is recommended to show the stability of the Expert Advisor in various market conditions.
  • Test only on the M5 Timeframe.
  • Use a high starting virtual balance so you can see the big picture.
  • Select a delay according to the type of stress you want to apply to the bot and the appropriate leverage for your broker.

How do I Optimize it?

  • Win Destiny has a built-in optimization plugin system so when you need to optimize a specific parameter for a pair of your preference or a special market situation, you can use this function, it should be noted that it requires a lot of processing power.
  • To use this specific parameter you have to use “Custom Max” in the “Fast Genetic Algorithm” option.
  • If you want more information on how to use the Strategy Optimizer you can go to [Link].


How to start the expert advisors:

  • Run Win Destiny only on one chart: EURUSD (M5 time frame only). Settings affecting automated trading are available on the Expert Advisors tab of the platform options. And make sure the Button ” Auto Trading Enabled AutoTrading” is enabled.

Default settings good?

  • Yes, the settings are normal but you can select the most suitable strategies and settings for your trading style. Including parameter optimizations.

What’s the minimum start balance?

  • The minimum initial balance depends on the number of strategies enabled to trade. If you use only 1, the initial balance must be $500 usd, on the other hand, if you use all the strategies, the initial balance must be $10,000 If you use the default settings, the starting balance is $5,000.

Can i run alongside other experts? 

  • Yes, but please make sure that all your expert advisors have different magic numbers.

How is the T/P determined?

  • The takeprofit levels are determined by the sum of the last position plus the current open trade multiplied by the sum of the total volume.

What if my account is in a different currency than USD?

  • It doesn’t matter what currency is your account in, Win destiny handles it automatically.

  • Show Info Panel?: — Set true if you want to display the information panel.
  • Max Spread Allowed:  Trades only if the broker’s spread is less than the value set here.

Group “Lot Size and Protection”

  • Risk Management: — Here you will find 3 parameters, Fixed Lot, Multiplier and Balance Risk Percent.
  • Lots or % Risk Percent:— Here you add the volume you want to trade.
  • Multiplicator: — Martingale coefficient for a series of orders.
  • Step (in pips): — This is the minimum distance to open a second trade.
  • Takeprofit: — Profit-taking distance.
  • Maximun Level:  — Maximum number of levels to add.

*If you use the parameter “Risk Percent” the values ​​are from 0.01 to 200, being 200 the maximum.

Group “Trailling / Break Even, Settings”

  • Use Trailling:  —  Set True to use trailing stops.
  • ProtectionTP ( < TP):  — The activation of the trailing stop must be less than the Takeprofit.
  • Trail ( < ProtectionTP ):  — The trail must be less than ProtectionTP.

Group “Entry Conditions”

  • Set true to use Profit Target:  — Set true if you want to use profit target.
  • Set Money Target in $$$ to stop recieve New signals:  — The profit target is marked in the earnings and once it is reached, the reception of new entries will be stopped until the loop ends and the expert will exit.
  • Set true to use Multiple Takeprofit:  — Set true if you want to use different takpeprofit based on each strategy individually.
  • Use Volume Maximun?:  — Set true if you want to use Volume maximun as a limit on trades.
  • Maximun Volume:  — Set the maximum volume size allowed as usage, if the maximum is reached. The next trades will be made with the set volume.

Group “Use Strategy”

  • Use Strategy(1-12):  — Select True or False to use the preferred strategies.

Group “Correlation With Market Analysis”

This function is a valuable filter for improving expert advisor performance. This filter is immune to volatility effects and are sensitive to price patterns including trend formation and reversal.

  • Use Correlation?:  — Set true if you want to use this filter.
  •  Correlation:  — Use parameters from 0 to 100 in increments of 1 in the optimizer.
  • Lag —  Use parameters from 0 to 100 in increments of 1 in the optimizer.
  • Threshold — Use parameters from 0.000 to 1 in increments of 0.001 in the optimizer.

Group “Correlation Seasonal Patterns”

This filter uses the “market memory” of a seasonal nature, which is expressed through the maximized correlation of increments of arbitrary order for close time intervals and through the minimized correlation for distant time intervals.

  • Use Seasonal Patterns?:  Set true to use this filter.
  • Lag:  Use parameters from 5 to 200 in increments of 1.
  • Open threshold Buy:    Use parameters from 1 to 300 in increments of 1
  • Open threshold Sell:    Use parameters from 1 to 300 in increments of 1

Group “Multi Layer Perceptron Buy and Sell Filter”

Perceptron is generally used to classify data into parts. Therefore, it is also known as Linear Binary Classifier. It helps to classify the given input data.

  • Use Perceptron?: — Set true if you want to use this filter.
  • % + or –  : — Set true to use a higher probability against the lower divergence.
  • Volume Perceptron Period  : Period to use
  • TF Perceptron :  Perceptron temporality
  • x0 to x7:  Setting from 0 to 100 in increments of 1.

Group “MultiTrades Entry Conditions”

This part refers to using more hedging trades with their own levels in order to bring the takeprofit closer without increasing the volume too much.

  • Maximun orders for signal : — Maximum number of hedging trades to use per strategy.
  • Step (in pips) :  Grid level size to start using the coverage system.

Group “MultiTrades”

  • MultiTrades in Strat(1-12):  — Select True or False to use MultiTrades in the preferred strategies.

Group “Weekend Filter”

  • Monday to Sunday :  — Select true or false to operate the selected days.

Group “Magic Numbers”

This section is very important, if you want to use a different configuration in the same pair or a different pair, it is mandatory to change the magic numbers since these are the ones that recognize the operation itself.

  • Magic Strat (1-12):  — Magic number to place can be from 1 to 99999.


What kind of account should I use?

  • Low spread (Raw, ECN) You may chose any broker you trust to. The less the spread is, the better.
  • Hedging account.
  • Account with at least 1:100 leverage.

What timeframe should I use?

  • Please put Win Destiny on EURUSD M5 chart.

How much profit does it make per month?

  • The monthly gain of win destiny will always depend on the risk and the number of strategies that the trader wants to use.

Drawdown in the backtest is low so can I use a higher risk percent?

  • It is up to you but I don’t recommend more than 2%.

How often do you plan updates?

  • For now, Win Destiny is a complete product. However, we constantly monitor the market as well as the EA and if necessary.
  • It is planned to add Multi-Currency Support to all strategies.
  • Win Destiny is scalable up to 24 strategies and it is planned to reach that number.
  • It is also planned to add a special self-learning function which is already in testing.

Which VPS provider do you recommend?

  • You can use the VPS that you like the most, but the less latency it has, the better it will be. I recommend latencies less than 200ms.

Are there limitations to using the expert?

  • This EA will not work on accounts with overnight positions rollovers (closing and reopening by broker). ALL ACCOUNTS WITH SWAPs ARE OK.
  • The EA should run on a VPS continuously.
  • Closing trades manually is totally prohibited. If you want to stop the expert, use the “Set true to use Profit Target” function and put a smaller profit amount, this will make the expert no longer receive new signals to start a cycle, and will only try to finish and exit.


Developing an expert advisor is very different from discretionary trading.

With respect to algorithmic trading, I learned that statistics and probabilistics without emotions matter a lot, and doing real tests by going back on the chart and seeing patterns that only I could see was not entirely objective, since “feeling” that the price was going to changing address was not a safe or reliable entry, more certainty is needed when choosing.

This is how my journey begins, and why I have decided to create Win Destiny.

The hedging system used is based on the non-stationary stochastic process. Entropy in a system will always exist but can this be avoided or minimized so that probability is always on our side?

The answer is to avoid chaotic scenarios.

Forex is not a lottery, it is not a game of chance, but of statistics.

So I took every problem my strategy had by deeply analyzing what was wrong looking at it from various kinds of perspective, Trend? Volatility? Volume? Range? News? Noise? Deviations? Timeframe?

Patience and observation is the key to discovering what is wrong and where an expert advisor is failing.

In conclusion:

What I want to offer to the members who will join me is the purchase of a powerful EA, with significant benefits.

It should be noted that I am also open to changes, if some need additional options that adapt to their use, it is possible.

If you have any questions or doubts about how a specific parameter works, you can ask me and I will kindly answer you.

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