Home Politics Report: Paul Ryan ‘Discovered Himself Sobbing’ As He Watched January 6 Unfold

Report: Paul Ryan ‘Discovered Himself Sobbing’ As He Watched January 6 Unfold


Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan apparently “found himself sobbing” as he watched the January 6 riot at the Capitol unfold.

The revelation comes via a new book written by journalist Mark Leibovich titled, “Thank You For Your Servitude.”

“I spent my whole adult life in that building,” Ryan is quoted as saying. “And I saw my friends, a lot of cops, some of my old security detail — I’m still friends with a bunch of those guys. It really disturbed me, foundationally.”

Leibovich goes on to write that “something snapped” in Ryan as the Capitol riot unfolded.

A copy of the book was obtained by CNN. It is set to be published on Tuesday.

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Paul Ryan Was ‘Sobbing’ on January 6

Aside from trying to out-whine Adam Kinzinger when it comes to the most dramatic response to the Capitol riot from GOP men, Paul Ryan also spoke to the author about how he felt Donald Trump’s presidency would end as opposed to what actually took place on January 6.

“Ryan figured the president would bitch and moan and maybe make a big show of ‘fighting’ for his supporters for a while,” Leibovich writes.

“Everyone could feel good and victimized. But eventually Trump would just leave; hopefully, he would know to do this on his own,” he added. “And everyone could then just get on with their lives.”

Ryan also stated of the events at the Capitol: “I was horrified.”

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Paul Ryan’s latest description of his feelings during the January 6 riot at the Capitol tracks closely with previous comments.

The former Mitt Romney running mate also overdramatized the entire ordeal and Trump’s role, saying he found it “horrifying to see a presidency come to such a dishonorable and disgraceful end.”

Trump has referred to Ryan as a “curse to the Republican Party” after he advised the GOP to steer clear of the former president and the “populist appeal of one personality.”

“He has no clue as to what needs to be done for our Country, was a weak and ineffective leader, and spends all of his time fighting Republicans as opposed to Democrats who are destroying our Country,” Trump said.

Paul Ryan also may have found himself ‘sobbing’ after he campaigned for Representative Tom Rice (SC), one of only 10 Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach Trump over the January 6 riot, only to watch Rice get hammered in last month’s primary.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Ryan has been quietly backing another anti-Trump Republican, Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY).

CNN reports that Cheney, who also voted to impeach Trump and has been on a rabid crusade against the former President ever since, is “in a lot of trouble” in regards to retaining her seat.

The primary is on August 16th. An internal Republican poll has Cheney trailing her opponent by 30 points.

With Kinzinger already bowing out of running for reelection, it would appear that he, Ryan, and Cheney can all visit AOC’s therapist very soon and share in a good group cry.

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