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What’s Volatility Imaginative and prescient – Buying and selling Methods – 10 July 2022


What is Volatility Vision_MT4 / Volatility Vision_MT5   :

This indicator, which is part of a trading strategy!

Indicator Volatility Vision_MT4 / Volatility Vision_MT5 , has universal functions, you can use it to enter transactions and visually see the targets for closing positions. There is only one setting in the indicator – this is the ATP period, by default it is 15, but there are currency pairs, indices, metals, stocks in which it is necessary to slightly change the parameter experimentally. In general, the value 15 is universal.

After installing Volatility Vision_MT4 / Volatility Vision_MT5

on the chart, you need to switch from the current timeframe to any other and back to display it.

Consider several standard trading options. In the first example, the indicator is used to exit a position by taking part of the profit, or completely closing the position. In this example, the entry point was chosen based on technical analysis, the exit from the transaction was carried out according to the indicator.

The second example of using the indicator is to enter a position from resistance/support. With the formation of a pattern or confirming signals, you can enter from the line with targets to the next line. In this example, the absorption entry is on H4.

There are very strong impulsive movements, so when the first target is reached, there is no rollback, and the price, having fixed above the resistance / support, goes further. In this case, you can take a trade for a breakdown, with targets for the next resistance / support line. I want to note that the frequency of such movements is much less, usually these are some significant events in the markets, some kind of global news, and so on.

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