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Key Options of ICO script 


One of the best ways to launch an ICO is by choosing an effective solution – an ICO script. It is pre-developed software that allows any budding startups to make the development process easier to launch their ICO platform. 

If you are not familiar with the best features of ICO script, here I would like to explain some of the best features.

Real-time statistics – 

You can check out the detailed statistics of your newly created crypto token/cryptocurrency’s current price, transaction history, and other related information.

User-friendly interface – 

With this convenient dashboard, you can easily operate the ICO website. It provides a handy and intuitive way to use all the functions without any intrusion. 

Crypto token wallet – 

This error-free ICO script includes the crypto token wallet. With this security-rich crypto token wallet, one can receive and store crypto tokens safely including private and public keys.  

API-based data transfer – 

Data can be transferred to anyone, anywhere, and from everywhere using API safely. The API is done in HMAC mode using an updated algorithm as needed.

Multi-language support – 

You can develop an ICO website with multi-language support. Also, you can add the language that you want which mainly improves your customer support efficiency and offers a better experience to the users, and increases retention. 

Instant payments – 

Purchase of tokens will be made easy and efficient using this payment solution. This will help your users to make payments instantly and mainly accept payments of various cryptocurrencies.  

Security and encryption – 

Security and encryption increase the security of your data. Further, it will provide extended anti-DDoS protection to maintain regular service even though the usage of blockchain technology.

Hope I have explained some of the best features that must be enabled in the ICO script. If you are interested to launch ICO using a readymade ICO script, then choose a reliable ICO script provider. Their skilled developers will make your attractive feature-rich ICO dashboard at a reasonable cost. 

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