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The right way to scalp with the “Purchase Promote Alert” indicator? – Buying and selling Methods – 3 July 2022


In this blog, I want to talk a little about our indicator, which we recently published on mql5.com This indicator is based on a trading strategy that we have been using for more than 7 months. All this time we traded on it and constantly improved it. And we continue to improve further. Therefore, the indicator itself will be constantly improved and updated. This trading strategy is scalping. We trade intraday. Almost all trades are opened and closed on the same day. But, for this trade, we constantly used 7 trading indicators and constantly analyzed the market on them. In modern times, we are tired of this and, in order to make our work easier, we have developed one indicator that will perform the tasks of all previously used indicators. And now it really became easier to trade. In fact, one indicator analyzes the market and we are based on its signals. Yes, we also analyze the market in several timeframes and constantly monitor news releases. In addition, we constantly analyze the market using fibo levels. More precisely, after we have opened an order, we calculate the distance to take profit as 32% fibo level. And we set the stop loss 1.6 times higher than this distance. That is, if the distance in points to take profit is, for example, 10 points, then the distance to stop loss will be 16 points. I hope you understand. As for the trading itself on this indicator, it is very simple. We watch the signal on the H1 timeframe, and then wait for the signal to change on the M5 timeframe. If there is a signal for a fall on the hourly, then we wait on M5 when the signal for the increase changes to a decrease and immediately open a trade. You can see the results of this strategy at https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1591005

Happy trading everyone!

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